Singer, songwriter and vocalist Zap Mama has influenced Urban and World Music

for more than twenty years. Marie Daulne, known as Zap Mama has fused African sounds of World Poly-Rhythms and Popular Music to create a new sound that enhances Urban, Afro Beat and Alternative Hip Hop. Zap Mama has topped the Billboard Charts with a sound that pleases the pallets of Alternative Latin, Jazz, Urban, Nu Soul and Soft Hip Hop connoisseurs of music.

The Belgian-Congolese singer, composer, activist, teacher MARIE DAULNE a.k.a ZAP MAMA incorporates a myriad of sounds of the whole world, but especially those of the African Diaspora, mixed with European and American Soul traditions.

Marie Daulne, the daughter of a Belgian father and a Congolese mother, was born in the East Zaire City of Isiro, she flew Congo with her mother during a rebellion which took place when she was just born and which took her father life. During the uproar they hid inside the forest taken care by a pygmies tribe an event that was crucial for Marie and got her to go back to Congo later on during her life on a voyage to discover her african roots.

Marie always says:

"The voice is an instrument itself, It's the original instrument, the primary instrument, the most soulful instrument, the human voice”.

Zap Mama has released seven full-length albums:

Zap Mama (1991)

re-released in 1993 as Adventures in Afropea 1 (minus the single track Etupe)

Sabsylma (1994)

Seven (1997)

A Ma Zone (1999)

Ancestry in Progress (2004)

Supermoon (2007)

ReCreation (2009).

The soon to be released album “ECLECTIC BREATH” proposes a new concept from Zap Mama a series of “dance a cappella polyphonic compositions” combined with the new beat boxers generations, celebrating Zap Mama’s 25 years career.


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